Italian converter Vitale Etichette has invested in Lemorau ICR3 450mm inspection and slitter rewinder machine to speed up and increase its production capacity.

The Lemorau ICR 3 inspection, slitter and rewinder machine can operate at a maximum speed of 200m/min (656ft/min). It includes Electronic Web Guide, Paper break Detection, Air trim removal, Flag detection sensor, 250 Job memory for quick set ups and Reverse jog as standard features.    

The machine is developed with a 450mm web width for Vitale Etichette and prepared to incorporate a Tube Scan. This machine can also include optional features such as Waste Rewinder, Razor Slitting Knives, Clear on Clear sensor and Video Inspection 100 percent or 200 percent just to name a few.   

Claudio Vitale found the company in 2007 and has a background in the labeling industry.   

‘The choice for a Lemorau inspection machine has been made after some testing at Erre Gi Elle’s showroom (exclusive distributor for Lemorau in Italy), and the machine shown to be suitable for our needs and with good value for money. We have known Erre Gi Elle for many years and they always recommended the right equipment for our needs,’ he said.