Slovenian converter Tiskarna Čakš has invested in a Lemorau MEBR+ 330 and manual core cutter Lemorau CT1500 to increase its capacity in response to the growing demand in the region.

Tiskarna Čakš, established in 1994, is a family owned company located in Grosuplje, close to Ljubljana, Slovenia, which focuses on the production of blank labels for several sectors, including the packaging and transportation markets.

‘We choose Lemorau as we believe that these machines offer a great value for money and allow us to quickly increase our production capacity. Thanks to the new equipment we are already 50 percent faster and more productive,’ commented Tomaž Čakš, CEO of Tiskarna Čakš.

The Lemorau MEBR+ is a modular digital finishing machine, developed to allow full customization according to the customer’s needs. Tiskarna Čakš has opted for the optional features such as air trim removal, a turret rewinder and easy strip waste rewinder. Other available options include an anvil roll with adjustable gap, corona treatment, a lamination station and a rotary or semi-rotary UV flexo module.

As standard, the Lemorau MEBR+330 works at the maximum rotary speed of 200 m/min (656 ft/min) for blank labels, the maximum rotary speed of 120 m/min (394 ft/min) in die-cutting to register and the maximum semi-rotary speed 40 m/min (131 ft/min) depending on plate size.

The machine also includes an electronic counter, web guide system, automatic web tension control system by servo motors, deflaction function for existing flexible dies, two interchangeable pneumatic rewinders and adjustable splice table with pneumatic clamps.

The Lemorau CT1500 installed at Tiskarna Čakš is a compact, manual core cutter producing an accurate and clean cut with quick and easy changeover for multiple core diameters and wall thicknesses.