A Thai subsidiary of Japanese Malugo Label has invested in an automatic core cutter, Lemorau CTA1500 and an inspection slitter rewinder Lemorau ICR3 to increase its production capacity.

Malugo’s current goal is the expansion of the market in Southwest Asia, thus the need to increase its plant’s capacity to accommodate the growing number of customers in this region. After a previous purchase of an automatic core cutter, Lemorau CTA1500, in March this year, Malugo Thailand acquired Lemorau ICR3, an inspection and slitter rewinder machine.

‘The reason why we chose this product from Lemorau is because we have been very satisfied with the purchase of core cutter machine. It is a fantastic machine, it is in constant use and definitely contributed to improving our productivity,’ said Wisarut Rattanapan, sales, purchasing and marketing maganer at Malugo. ‘When found out that Lemorau also offers this model of slitting machine, we didn’t hesitate to choose this product.’

Lemorau ICR3 developed for Malugo Thailand was manufactured with 330mm width and was equipped with the optional 100 percent video inspection and double Rewinder with six pneumatic shafts and six sets of razor slitting knives.

As standard features, the Lemorau ICR3 is equipped with an electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensor, two adjustable splicing tables with pneumatic clamps, automatic web tension control system driven by servo motors, memory for up to 250 jobs that facilitate future repetitions, paper break detection and waste, reverse job and flag detection sensor.

As auxiliary equipment, Malugo Thailand has also acquired a Lemorau ER400 roll lifter.