Lemorau CT 1500

Lemorau CT 1500 is a manual core cutter that is compact, efficient and cost effective. It produces an accurate, clean, quality cut with quick and easy change-over for multiple core diameters and wall thickness. CT 1500 is very easy to operate, after sliding the parent core onto the mandrel, the operator sets the end-stop, which determines the width of the cores cuts. The operator then presses the start button, lowers the knife using the handle and cuts the core.

  • Maximum core length up to 1500 mm (59”)
  • Standard core diameter 25, 40, 50, 76 mm (1”, 1.57”, 2”, 3”)
  • Other sizes up to 152 mm (up to 6”) as an optional
  • Maximum measured cut length 330 mm (13”)
  • Maximum wall thickness 6 mm (0.23”) cardboard
  • Dual-hand control for operator safety
  • CE conformity certificated, user manual and electrical scheme
  • Other core Ø up to 152 mm (up to 6″)
  • Max. measured cut length 800 mm (31.4”)

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