Lemorau CRM

Lemorau CRM is a compact and highly efficient table top slitter rewinder machine. It has an accurate web tension control through the use of manual clutch and brake. The machine is equipped with a splice table with pneumatic clamps for a quick and simple change of master roll,  3 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment and razor knives as an optional. The Lemorau CRM is a cost effective solution to slit and rewind printed webs.

  • Maximum speed 120 m/min. (398 ft/min.)
  • Web width 250, 330 mm (10, 13 in)
  • Electronic Counter (Labels/ Meters)
  • Variable web tension control
  • 3 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment 
  • 1 interchangeable pneumatic rewinder of 76 mm (3 in)
  • Labels in/Labels out rewinding
  • Splice table with pneumatic clamps
  • Maximum rewinder diameter 400 mm (16 in)
  • Maximum unwinder diameter 500 mm (20 in) 
  • Multi language touch screen
  • CE conformity certificated, user manual and electrical scheme
  • Additional mandrels in customized sizes
  • Additional slitting knives
  • Clear on clear sensor
  • Electronic web guide system
  • QRC (Quick Remote Connection)
  • Razor slitting knives
  • Waste rewinder
  • Work bench

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