Innovation is part of our DNA, following this guideline, Lemorau is adding to its portfolio of solutions new optional modules for the range of MEBR+ machines.
We are now developing the incorporation of flat screen printing, hot stamping and embossing modules, for the production of premium labels such as labels for the wine and cosmetics industry.
Project called EVOLUTION, counts on the latest and most advanced technology with worldwide components. The EVOLUTION that will be presented shortly, includes a flexo module in registration, a finishing module with a rotary/semi-rotary die cutting unit equipped with an anvil roll with adjustable gap and an easy strip G2 rewinder. The unwinder is equipped with a nip in servo, and the optional corona treatment as well as the web cleaning system can also be added.
The flexo module also allows it to evolve into semi-rotary mode. A new and larger 12.1″ touch screen for the finisher, with new functions will also be possible to have on this machine. Check below all the standard and basic features of the machine as well as possible optional equipment that are quick to install.

  • Maximum rotary speed 200 m/min (656 ft/min.) – Blank labels
  • Maximum rotary speed 120 m/min (394 ft/min.) – Die cutting to register
  • Maximum semi-rotary speed 40 m/min (131 ft/min.) dependent on plate size – Die cutting to register
  • Web width 250, 330, 400 mm, other sizes  (10, 13, 16 in, other sizes)
  • Electronic Counter (Labels/ Meters/ Rolls counter/ Total meters and labels Counter)
  • Adjustable splice table with pneumatic clamps
  • Electronic web guide system with ultrasonic sensor which enables guiding of opaque and clear materials
  • Automatic web tension control system by servo motors – Constant and Taper tension
  • Anvil roll with adjustable gap and pressure gauges
  • Hot foil
  • Flat screen printing
  • Rotary UV Flexo module
  • Easy strip waste rewinder
  • Air trim removal
  • QRC (Quick Remote Connection) for fast remote assistance
  • 250 Job memory for easy and quick job set ups
  • 6 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment
  • 2 interchangeable pneumatic rewinders – 2 shafts of each diameter: 25, 40, 76 mm (1, 1.5, 3 in)
  • Deflaction function for existing flexible dies
  • Paper and matrix break detection
  • Labels in/ labels out rewinding
  • Automatic stop at master roll end with programmable end of roll function
  • Semi- Automatic rewinding
  • Foot pedal to jog the machine
  • Multi language touch screen
  • Standard gears for magnetic cylinders are 1/8 CP, straight teeth, angle 20 degrees
  • Die repeats 203,20 – 431,80 mm (8 – 17 in) – Rotary mode
  • Recommended die repeat 82,55- 330,20 mm (3,25 – 13 in) – Semi-Rotary mode (Z130)
  • Recommended die repeat 120,65 – 482,60 mm (4,75 – 19 in) – Speed Pack Semi-Rotary mode (Z190)
  • Maximum rewinder diameter: 600 mm (23,7 in) for 1 shaft / 350 mm (13,8 in) for 2 shafts
  • Maximum unwinder diameter 700 mm (27,5 in)
  • CE conformity certificated, user manual and electrical scheme
  • Additional mandrels in customized sizes
  • Additional slitting knives
  • Clear on clear sensor
  • Corona treatment
  • Lamination station (Linerless/ with liner)
  • Razor slitting knives
  • Semi-rotary UV Flexo module
  • Speed Pack Semi-rotary die cut up to 80m/min
  • Web cleaner

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