Lemorau ICR 4

Lemorau ICR 4  was developed for an exceptional fast finish. It slits and rewinds at 400m/min. and it can run up to 250m/min. with the optional of video inspection. For a fast set up, ICR 4 is equipped with an automatic positioning of slitting knives and a job memory functionality for quick job changes. A high performance machine with tensions controlled by servo motors and totally independent on each shaft. With the latest and very user-friendly software, makes ICR 4 very practical and easy to use.

  • Maximum speed: 400 m/min. (1312 ft/min.)(*)
  • Maximum speed using Video Inspection: 250m/min. (820 ft/min.)
  •  Web width 350 mm  (14″)
  • 2 adjustable splice tables with pneumatic clamps
  • Electronic Counter (Labels/ Meters/ Rolls/ Total meters and labels Counter / Information of actual diameter)
  • 250 Job memory for easy and quick job set ups
  • Paper break detection
  • QRC (Quick Remote Connection)- For fast and easy access to the machine remotely
  • Automatic web tension control system by servo motors – Constant and Taper tension
  • Reverse jog
  • Multi language HMI touch screen
  • Electrical supply according to country/customer request (no need of transformers)
  • CE conformity certificated, user manual and electrical scheme

(*) material & trim can influence machine speed/performance


  • Servo driven with max. Ø 700 mm (27,5”)
  • Pneumatic shaft ID 76mm (3”)
  • Automatic stop at master roll end with programmable end of roll function
  • Clockwise/counterclockwise unwinding
  • Electronic web guide system with ultrasonic sensor which enables guiding of opaque and clear materials


  • Automatic Positioning of Slitting Knives
  • Equipped with 6 sets of circular knives
  • Air trim removal


  • Servo driven equipped with 2 interchangeable pneumatic rewinders 
  • Equipped with 6 air shafts:  ID 2×25, 2×40, 2x76mm (2×1”, 2×1.57”, 2×3”)
  • Clockwise/counterclockwise rewinding (labels in/ labels out)
  • Max. rewinder Ø 580mm (23″) using single rewinder / 350mm (14″) using double rewinder
  • Additional mandrels in customized sizes
  • Additional slitting knives (up to a total of 9 sets)
  • Anti-static bar
  • Clear on clear sensor
  • Razor slitting knives
  • Rewinder unit for defects
  • Video inspection

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