Spain-based converter Adhegraf has installed Lemorau MEBR+ 330 modular finishing machine to increase its productivity and further improve on the quality of its production.

Located in Madrid, Spain, Adhegraf became part of the Spanish group Hispagraf in 1995. With over 40 years of experience, the company is focused on label production for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Lemorau has customized this particular digital finishing machine according to Adhegraf’s requirements, with several optional equipment including two rotary and semi rotary flexo units with registration, cold foil unit, turn bar, UV+IR mixed dryer and speed pack. The machine has been prepared for the future adoption of a second cutting block to output in sheets.

‘What we were looking for with the purchase of this Lemorau machine was to increase productivity label finishing while maintaining our high-quality standards,’ said David Pérez, CEO of Hispagraf. ‘In order to achieve this, and also the key decision for the purchase, was the involvement of the supplier and its flexibility to achieve our goal for high productivity and quality.’

‘Lemorau has accomplished our goal and now we are enjoying the advantages. When we met Lemorau, it was like a reflection of ourselves: a family run business, bold and flexible, which, for us, was a decisive factor when making the decision. The Lemorau’s flexibility allowed us to jointly design the machine with some complicated functionalities such as the Delam-Relam or the cold foil unit. A few months after the installation, we are fully satisfied with the purchase of the MEBR+, its performance and the quality of the finished products,’ concluded Pérez.