Belgium company Marisan NV has bought an EB 260, its first Lemorau machine.

Marisan NV has 45 years of experience in labeling, packaging and accessories for the textile industry. Its markets range Belgium, western and central Europe.

In order to produce faster and more efficient white labels, it has opted for the Lemorau the EB 260 die-cutting system. The machine is built for high-volume production of blank labels, running at a maximum speed of 200m/min. EB 260 can produce roll-to-roll as well as roll-to-sheet labels.

The machine comes with an electronic counter, adjustable splice table with pneumatic clamps, automatic web tension control systems by servo motors, 250 job memory, two interchangeable pneumatic rewinders of 25, 40 and 76mm, paper and matrix break detection among standard features.

“We know Lemorau as a manufacturer of label-making machines, but they turned out to be so much more”, said Sven De Vis, CEO of Marisan. “Starting from a well thought out structure, they build each machine in a unique product, specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer. And it doesn’t stop there. Training and after-sales also contribute to the quality product that we, as label producers, expected.”

Marisan, also invested in a Lemorau CT1500 Manual Core Cutter and ER400 Roll lifter, to complement its production of white labels.