Logo Film installed a Lemorau CTA1500 automatic core cutter last November to increase product quality and yield; this is Logo Film’s second Lemorau machine.

Located in Durres, Albania, Logo Film is a producer of adhesive tape products for various industrial segments as well as domestic use.

‘At Logo Film we have produced adhesive tape products since 2004 and innovation is the engine of our development. This makes us a market leader and provider of a variety of products with high capacities and maximum quality to contemporary standards,’ said Erjon Cani, CEO at Logo Film.

‘This is the second machine that we brought from Lemorau and we are very satisfied with the machines. The yield and quality of the production of these machines is very high. Our plan in the future is to buy a labeling machine from Lemorau, as we are very satisfied with the quality and cooperation of its staff,’ added Cani.

Built with heavy-duty components to exact specifications, the Lemorau CTA 1500 offers multiple cut lengths from a single parent core, up to four different lengths, and four standard core diameters: 25, 40, 50, 76 mm (1, 1.57, 2, 3in). It uses servo motors for core positioning and produces burr-free cuts up to 40 cuts per minute. It also features a multilanguage touch screen.