Australian company, Cello Paper, has invested in a customised automatic core cutter, CTA 2000, from Lemorau. 

The length of the cutter has been changed from standard 1500mm to fit 2000mm cores. It was further equipped with the optional thickness pack to meet company’s requirements. 

Cello Paper CEO, Harry Michael, said, “We chose the CTA core cutter because it is a cost effective equipment to efficiently cut cores in our production area. Also this machine is simple and fast to set up and use.”  Cello Paper is a 60 year old private company specialising in sectors such as packaging, food paper and healthcare. 

Lemorau CTA cuts cores in a desired measure over its total length and in a selected quantity. Built with heavy-duty components to exact specifications, it produces perfectly cut cores fast and accurately. CTA is user-friendly and it includes a fully automated cutting cycle.