Memjet, one of the world´s most renowned companies in digital modular printing technology, introduced at LabelExpo Europe 2019 their new module – the DuraFlex print system.

Lemorau was proudly part of that project as it was chosen to develop the Transport Machine, a prototype that would demonstrate the DuraFlex technology at the exhibition.

We named this prototype Roll to Roll.

330mm web width, equiped with 3” mechanical unwinder and rewinder with automatic tension control by servo motors and Web Guide system with ultrasonic sensor, max speed 50m/min.

As Reza Moghaddasian, the VP of Engineering from Memjet says:

“Memjet partnered with Lemorau to develop a media transport to demonstrate our new DuraFlex technology. Our decision was based on our experience with Lemorau’s design capability, agility, and quality of their products.”

Based in San Diego, California, Memjet’s technological basis started in 1996 in a partenership with Australian entrepreneur Kia Silverbrook. After 2004, the company developed the first generations of “page width” printheads and in 2009 they launched the first prototype of new compact printing solutions. In 2017 is presented the DuraLink technology, the innovation that brings Memjet in to the industrial world and in 2019 the DuraFlex, their third generation of printheads.Memjet´s main focus is to develop the fastest, highest resolution, most flexible digital print solutions for the widest range of market segments at affordable cost.