It is with great pride that Lemorau announces that it has been awarded by the IAPMEI (Institute for Support for Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment) with PME Leader status as well as PME Excellence for the year 2019!

PME Lider status distinguishes companies with higher performance profiles, in 2019 only around 8500 companies in Portugal were distinguished with this status.

Based on the best ratings and economic-financial indicators, companies with this status are allowed access to a set of benefits such as better conditions for financial products as well as a network of services, facilitating the relationship with banking and a quality certificate for companies in their relationship with the market.

It is also part of the goals of this programme to stimulate the efficiency of the banking intermediation process and to enhance the extension of the capital market to intermediary companies.

Having PME Leader status where the best performances are shown, only about 2,000 of theses companies were also distinguished with PME Excellence status, this one much more demanding and with more specific criteria.

To be recognized as PME Excellence, the companies showed higher levels of solidity, and some of the criteria of choice are the growth of the level of Financial Autonomy, the Increase of Business Volume and the decrease of the Net Financial Debt.

Companies are also asked to improve their accounting and management information, to provide sustainable business models, credible business plans as well as consistent growth strategies, to demonstrate management capacity.
It is also important to focus on creating long-term value, without neglecting the need to generate short-term results that allows you to fulfill your responsibilities to third parties.

This way, the financial products and services made available to these companies (IAPMEI’s partnership with ten Portuguese banking institutions) are even more attractive, boosting their economic development.

With this distinction are created increased visibility conditions for our company.

This privilege consolidates Lemorau’s growth in recent years. It shows that we are increasingly visible in the market as a solid and constantly evolving company, whose growth in the business area is recognized by its peers, financial entities, customers and suppliers.