Spanish company J. L. Gutierrez Etxezarraga has acquired a Lemorau CTA1500 automatic core cutter to increase its production capacity.

Based in Galdakao, Bizkaia, Spain, the small family-owned business was established 50 years ago by Karmelo Gutierrez’s parents and since the beginning produces spiral cardboard cores for various industries.

‘This machine is wonderful. Before this investment, we owned a manual core cutter. With such high demand, it was challenging to manage work properly,’ said Karmelo Gutierrez, production manager at J. L. Gutierrez Etxezarraga. ‘It is a lot easier now. While the machine does all the work, we can focus on other tasks. The machine is very easy to operate and enables fast change of diameter and instantaneous selection of different core length cuts. We can potentially double the cut production.’

Built with heavy-duty components to exact specifications, the Lemorau CTA 1500 installed in Spain offers up to four different lengths and four standard core diameters of 25, 40, 50, 76 mm (1, 1.57, 2, 3in). It uses servo motors for core positioning and produces up to 50 burr-free cuts per minute. It also features a multi-language touch screen.

For this specific machine, the company also opted for optional features, including additional core diameter adapters. The J. L. Gutierrez Etxezarraga acquired the machine through Copy Service, Lemorau’s exclusive distributor in Spain.