French label converter Espace Dupont has invested in three Lemorau machines, including EBRM+ 330 finishing machine, CT1500 manual core cutter and an ER400/900 roll lifter to increase production capacity and productivity.

The family-run company, founded over 60 years ago in Pontet in southeastern France, has invested in technological developments over the last few decades and is now recognized as one of the most modern printers in the region. 

Recently acquired machines include a Lemorau EBRM+ 330 tabletop finishing machine designed to coat, die-cut, slit and rewind digitally printed webs. It is equipped with a web guide and splice table, a die-cutting unit in register with rotary/semi-rotary modes and lateral adjustment, a variable web tension control and a linerless lamination unwinder with a mechanical shaft, among other features. Espace Dupont’s machine is also equipped with optional features such as a working closed bench, three pneumatic air shafts and an unwinder for off-line mode.

Also, to increase production capacity, the company invested in a Lemorau CT1500 manual core cutter and a Lemorau ER400/900 roll lifter.

“Espace Dupont is now equipped with an entirely new production line of adhesive labels with the semi-rotary Lemorau EBRM+ 330 finishing machine, a manual core cutter CT 1500, and ER400/900 roll lifter. Thanks to Lemorau for its support in the development of our company,” commented Christophe Maria, production manager at Espace Dupont.

The entire transaction has been handled by Sudelek, Lemorau’s exclusive distributor in France.