Lemorau’s North West African agent, BLG International, has completed an installation of in a custom-built Lemorau MICR3 high-speed finishing machine in Senegal for a label converter looking to increase its production capacity and efficiency.

‘The machine was ready for production just 24 hours after unpacking, which is an astonishing result. Most of the time was used to train the operators properly to avoid future problems,’ said Aleix Mas, general manager at BLG International. ‘Lemorau is the perfect partner for BLG. It is also a family-owned business where you can have direct discussions with the decision maker and have an immediate response. In fact a second machine is already on its way to Ivory Coast’

To fulfill the demanding production at the Senegal plant, the Lemorau MICR3, developed in a 330mm (13in) web width, was equipped with several optional features. It includes a quick remote connection, rewinder with four pneumatic shafts, razor slitting unit, waste rewinder and 100 percent Tube Scan video inspection system.

In its standard features, Lemorau MICR3 is equipped with an electronic counter, two adjustable splice tables with pneumatic clamps, electronic web guide system, paper break detection, labels in and out rewinder, reverse jog and flag detection.