Autajon, a family-owned label converting business based in Montelimar, France, has invested in a second Lemorau CRL 330 in-line slitter-rewinder for its production facility in Bordeaux to further expand its production capacity. 

The company started in 1964 in the French Drôme region is today a prestigious group with international reach throughout Europe, the USA, and China. Its label and packaging production is highly diversified; however, the company focuses on the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and wine labeling markets.

‘We chose the Lemorau CRL 330 for its simplicity and ease of operation. With two split knife systems, it allows us to pass almost all supports with different backings. It also enables us to work non-stop with both mandrels and can accommodate reels of up to 600mm in diameter,’ commented Dany Martin, responsible for production and R&D at Autajon.

The Lemorau CRL 330 includes an electronic counter, paper, and matrix break detection, two interchangeable pneumatic rewinders, air trim removal, automatic web tension controlled by servomotors, labels in and labels out rewinding, and memory for 250 jobs, just to name a few.

Autajon added a few optional features for this second machine, such as a clear-on-clear sensor and additional slitting knives. It could also include additional mandrils in customized sizes and Quick Remote Connection.