Once again Lemorau was chosen by a company across the Atlantic Ocean, this time by Biax Fiberfilm Corp. 

The company was established in 1975 in Greenville by Dr. Eckhard Shawarz’s in his basement.

Dr. Schwarz invented, patented, and manufactured high performance machinery for the nonwovens industry. They now have their equipments spread all over America, Europe and Asia.

Douglas Brown assumed the presidency in 2003. He is leading the company towards innovation using biodegradable microfibers and submicron microfibers combined with their existing technology.

Lemorau CT 1500 is a manual core cutter that is compact, efficient and cost effective. It produces an accurate, clean, quality cut with quick and easy change-over for multiple core diameters and wall thickness. CT 1500 is very easy to operate, after sliding the parent core onto the mandrel, the operator sets the end-stop, which determines the width of the core cuts. The operator then presses the start button, lowers the knife using the handle and cuts the core.