Andalusia, Spain-based converter 3 Impresores has invested in a fully customized Lemorau MEBR+ 330 digital finishing equipment to increase its productivity and performance.

3 Impresores operates since 1994 serving public sector, public entities and general public. It is known in the region for its advanced technology and experienced team. 

Lemorau machine chosen by the converter is the 330mm version fully customized to the printer’s needs with corona treatment, UV rotary/semi rotary flexo station, cold foil and speed pack including semi rotary die cutting unit with speeds up to 80 m/min.    

‘We are fairly new company in the labeling field. At first, we made our choice because the equipment is manufactured in a neighboring country,’ said Manuel Martin, the owner of 3 Impresores. ‘Now with the passage of time, I am truly glad we picked Lemorau. We are happy with the performance of the MEBR, which has exceeded our expectations. Moreover, we value the service and the attention we have received from the brand. I can easily recommend the MEBR and I recommend Lemorau, as the staff puts an extra effort to serve its customers in the best way possible.’