Every year we see a natural evolution of customer demands. Digital is becoming the future not only for printing but also for embellishment. Digital reduces the risk of errors, eliminates tools and provides a ‘clean’, easy and fast set-up.

Judging from our latest enquiries, we see a higher demand for tactile finishes. Whether achieved digitally or conventionally, customers are re-engaging with sensory label design. We are expecting to see a lot more requests for tactile solutions – with soft touch, rough textures, matte and gloss coating combinations, use of spot raised varnishes and integration of hot and cold foiling – combined with more automated functions such as automatic positioning of tools and turret rewinding, decreasing time and achieving a smarter production.

Laser cutting is also a trend that adds visual interest and minimizes tool usage.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, where content must be flawless and production must be fast, we have seen – and predict a lot more of – systems that offer inspection, die-cutting, slitting and rewind all in-line. 

Natália Lopes, marketing and sales, Lemorau