Who are we?

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, Lemorau has solidified its position as a pioneer in the label industry. Founded in 1987, the company has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing top-notch finishing machines that have redefined the standards of excellence in the sector. Lemorau’s commitment to innovation and quality has garnered them global recognition, as they are now present in an impressive 80 countries across all five continents.

Our Vision

Innovative technology that redefines printing and finishing processes. It combines precision engineering with cutting-edge software to deliver exceptional efficiency and quality in label and packaging production. Provide state-of-the-art machinery and solutions that enhance productivity, quality, and sustainability.

Technical Service

Our objective is to provide our customers with optimal after-sales support. We facilitate a convenient online spare parts service, enabling customers to effortlessly order the specific components required for each LEMORAU machine. Additionally, our website features a Technical Assistance request option. Moreover, Lemorau is equipped to offer remote support via internet connection for our machines.

Why choose Lemorau?

Working with Lemorau, we put at your disposal knowledge acquired over the years, and today, we have equipment distributed throughout the world that proves our excellence.

  • Experience top-level machines with superior quality—robust, reliable, and user-friendly.
  • Customize equipment to precisely fit your specific application requirements.
  • Outstanding after sales service and products support

About Us

  • History

    Lemorau has over 35 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of machines in the labeling sector.

  • International

    We are currently represented World Wide by distributors in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

  • Technical Support

    Available online, we can support remotely by internet connection accessible in our machines and at customers’ facilities.

  • After Sales

    High qualified Delivery.  Spare parts service available online. Fast technical support remotely or at customers’ facilities.

What others say about us

Mr. Amit Patel


” The MICR3 is a great rewinding and inspection machine and has lots of great features, which is a proven workhorse for our daily operation. It provides quick turnaround with defect free products. We decided to buy the second machine mainly because of Lemorau’s equipment quality and value for money. Its in-line inspection and servo-driven motors offer excellent performance at higher speeds. Over time, Lemorau not only provided excellent service, but also demonstrated great experience. In the last 18 months of constant 10-hours daily operation, we never had to call the manufacturer for support. We will definitely buy more machines from Lemorau in the future.”

Mr. Ashok Shroff


“We invested in a Lemorau ICR3 – Inspection Slitter Rewinder after careful consideration, and I am pleased to say that we have made an excellent decision. The machine build quality is very good, it is simple to use and has all the features needed in a machine like this. The entire experience from ‘enquiry to installation’ was very pleasant – Natalia Lopes dealt with all our techno-commercial queries personally in a very efficient manner. We found the entire Lemorau Team to be very competent and helpful. We hope to add more equipment from Lemorau in the near future.”

Mr. Alex Ashur


“We are one of the UK’s fastest growing label producers and suppliers. The Lemorau MEBR+ is perfect for us as it allows us to speed up our die-cutting of blank labels as well as cutting pre-printed material and adding an over laminate if we choose to. Its relatively small footprint fits perfectly into the production line and it hasn’t stopped cutting labels since the moment we unboxed it. Lemorau has been great to deal with, took the time to guide me and put my mind at rest when needed. The MEBR+ offers an extensive range of upgrade options and over the next couple of years we plan to add to the machine as our customer requirements might change. This should be a system for HD Labels to use for many years.”

Mr. Gianluca Fabbri


“Despite the international economic situation, our work has grown a lot and the new Lemorau machine is producing at full speed since the first day after installation. The new machine is complete with flexo UV unit, corona and cold foil and we are using it for finishing labels printed by inkjet and laser digital presses. We also have another Lemorau MEBR+ which is dedicated to converting of blank and pre-printed labels. We are very impressed with the performance and reliability of our both Lemorau machines.”

Mr. Anass Rhaddioui

ANAPRINT – Morocco

” We decided to invest in Lemorau machines after meeting the team at Labelexpo Europe 2019 in Brussels. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase, the incredible value for money and with how the equipment is performing at our production plant. We would like to thank the professional team at Lemorau, and especially the sales team for their ongoing support. We will surely consider purchasing more Lemorau machines in the future.”

Mr. Sven De Vis

MARISAN NV – Belgium

“We’ve met Lemorau as a label machine manufacturer, but they turned out to be so much more. Starting from a well thought out structure, they build each machine into a unique product, specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer. And it doesn’t stop there. Training and aftersales also contribute to the quality product that we, as a label producer, expected.”

Mr. Lyubomir Zombori

DARS Printing House – Bulgaria

” We are delighted with the choice of the machine CTA 1500 that helps us to optimize our production process further. I would like to thank the entire team at Lemorau, and especially Natália Lopes for amazing support throughout the purchase and installation process.”

Mr. Frank Harro


“I could not be happier with my MEBR+ It has saved us so much time over our old digital cutters. I had absolutely no previous experience with die cutters that required dies and arranged to have Paulo on site for 4 days even after I was told he would only need 2 days for the training. Lemorau was correct we cut all the work I had saved for the training in 2 days. After about 2 weeks of use I felt like I had been using it for years. Very simple and efficient.”

Mr. Aleix Mas

BLG International

” The machine was ready for production just 24 hours after unpacking, which is an astonishing result. Most of the time was used to train the operators properly to avoid future problems. Lemorau is the perfect partner for BLG. It is also a family-owned business where you can have direct discussions with the decision maker and have an immediate response. In fact a second machine is already on its way to Ivory Coast.”

Mr. Reza Moghaddasian


“Memjet partnered with Lemorau to develop a media transport to demonstrate our new DuraFlex technology. Our decision was based on our experience with Lemorau’s design capability, agility, and quality of their products.”

Mr. Carlos Rivera

E LABELS – California, USA

“I purchase an EBR+ rotary/semi-rotary die cutter a year ago, originally was looking for finisher for digital labels, this was a perfect fit at a great price, we also use it to die cut thermal transfers or as simple rewinder, excellent machine! Couldn’t ask for something better. This is my second acquire from the Lemorau team, Semiautomatic core cutter excellent concept. Thank You Guys!”

Mr. Korhan Kalkan


“We are in this industry for almost 30 years, and it is our first Lemorau machine. It significantly improved our productivity levels. We are delighted with this investment. The machine is very useful and easy to operate. We started using it just two days after the delivery, and Lemorau’s service department was extremely helpful. A big thank you for all Lemorau family.”

Mr. Dani Matin

AUTAJON – France

“The CRL works really well, we are very happy with it. We also bought the machine because of the trust we have in Lemorau.”

Mr. Simon Pugh

QLM Label Makers – Vietnam

” We are totally delighted with it. Up and running!”

Mr. Mark Peeters

MERVI – Belgium

“Lemorau made the machine entirely accord­ing to our requirements, willing to take up every challenge and accompany us with personal service.”

Mr. Aziza Haithan


“When Label World started using the new Lemorau ICR3, the output became more accurate, the production speed doubled and the volume of new orders significantly increased.”

Mr. Tiago Simões


“We decided to invest in the new Lemorau equipment driven with the company’s approach and their professional guidance with the exact machinery we were looking for. That gave us the confidence to make our decision. In production, both machines, ICR3 as well as CT1500, are very reliable and we are very satisfied with their performance. Congratulations to the whole Lemorau team!”

Mr. Mahfoud Behamdine


” The ICR is a very powerful and very simple machine to operate. It is equipped with this camera control tube scan system to detect defects and lack of label. Thanks to this equipment we managed to significantly improve our delivery times. I would also like to thank the Lemorau team for its professionalism and detailed advice we received.”

Mr. Manuel Martin


“We are fairly new company in the labeling field. At first, we made our choice because the equipment is manufactured in a neighboring country. Now with the passage of time, I am truly glad we picked Lemorau. We are happy with the performance of the MEBR, which has exceeded our expectations. Moreover, we value the service and the attention we have received from the brand. I can easily recommend the MEBR and I recommend Lemorau, as the staff puts an extra effort to serve its customers in the best way possible.”

Mr. Wisarut Rattanapan


“The reason why we chose this product from Lemorau is because we have been very satisfied with the purchase of core cutter machine. It is a fantastic machine, it is in constant use and definitely contributed to improving our productivity. When found out that Lemorau also offers this model of slitting machine, we didn’t hesitate to choose this product.”

Mr. Harry Michael

CELLO PAPER – Australia

“We chose the CTA core cutter because it is a cost effective equipment to efficiently cut cores in our production area. Also this machine is simple and fast to set up and use.”

Mr. Miguel Cunha

PLANNER – Portugal

“We found in Lemorau a solution to meet our specific needs with good quality at a good price.
We are eager and excited to move forward.”

Mr. Brad Peters


“We chose Lemorau and this particular machine because of its capabilities, affordability, Lemorau’s customer service and knowledge regarding the machine and the label industry.”

Mr. Manuel António


“We choose Lemorau mainly for the trust we have in the company. Prompt response, prompt technical assistance and above all quality of product, made us invest again, to have more responsiveness in the future.”

Mr. Valter Gonçalves


” We found in Lemorau the solution we were looking for, a complete machine; with digital printing and finishing, a versatile machine and easy to operate. The Lemorau team has demonstrated excellent professionalism in all service and support provided.”

Mr. Vasco Oliveira

BETAFLEX – Portugal

” We bought our first Lemorau machine several years ago, and since then we have created a partnership based on my personal credibility of Lemorau, allied with evidenced quality. Furthermore, Lemorau is known for its excellent ratio between quality and price, and this machine fulfills all of our requirements.”

Mr. Vitor Oliveira

BESTGRAF – Portugal

” We bought another Lemorau machine based on the credibility of the company allied with the progressively evidenced high quality of its machines. ‘We have made this investment in order to provide our clients even greater assurance of quality and service. ‘Lemorau is also increasingly improving its machines, always with a very good quality/price.”

Miss Armandina Magalhães & Mr. Alberto Leite

ETIPRINT – Portugal

” Etiprint has chosen to invest again in Lemorau machinery due to the constant growth that it has experienced in recent years, with Etiprint’s Armandina Magalhães and Alberto Leite noting the long-term relationship and trust between it and Lemorau as key to its decision to invest again.”

Mr. Grigore Vasilica


” The EBR-260 allows the company to complete ‘all necessary and desired operations’, plus has a lower price when compared with other brands.”

Mr. Rui Fonseca

ALTRONIX – Portugal

“Lemorau has been a great partner for eight years. It is, in our opinion, the best player in the market for quality to price ratio.”

Mr. Gyula Magyari


” We chose a Lemorau machine because it fits our needs. It has the best quality-to-price ratio on the market, and we believe in family companies.”

Mr. José Sampaio

CODIMARC – Portugal

” The high technological evolution of the Lemorau EBR 330, and also confidence in its excellent technical support, were the main reasons of our purchase decision.”

Mr. Oláh Klára


” We chose Lemorau because, after we contact them we get a very fast reaction and all the time answers to our questions, requests and support. Based on this we get confidence on Lemorau. Now we know that our decision to have a Lemorau machine was the best for us! “

Mr. Tarik Elhariry

KT SYS – Morocco

” We have chosen to acquire one Lemorau ICR3 inspection machine because it is a machine with the best quality-price ration on the market, and also from the echoes that we had heard in relation to Lemorau and the availability of after-sales service from the company.”

Mr. Casara

GRAFO – Italy

” We knew Lemorau products during the last Labelexpo through Erre Gi Elle and they seemed very interesting, with a good value for money ratio. Now we have an EBR+ die-cutter and we can confirm that the machine is well designed, easy to use, and offers at a competitive price the possibility of laminating and die-cutting the labels printed in our digital press, as well as to manufacture blank labels both in rotary and semi-rotary mode. It is certainly a machine suitable for blank labels as well as a finishing machine; simple, fast and well-made. We will certainly consider to purchase from Lemorau for our future needs.”

Mr. Patric Agnes

LABEL SERVICE – Guadeloupe

“The Lemorau MEBR+ 260 is currently the best label cutter on the market working at a real speed of 200 m/min. The price quality ratio is incomparable. I bought it a few months ago and the productivity of this machine has transformed my business. The options it offers save considerable time since we can print using inkjet or flexo and cut at the same time. The choice of semi-rotary or rotary operation gives it great flexibility of use. Added to this, it is a family business with technical and human qualities that makes the Lemorau MEBR+260 the machine of the decade.”

Mr. André Pinheiro


“After analyzing equipment from several manufacturers, we decided to purchase the new Lemorau CR1500 as it offers excellent price to quality ratio and is the ideal equipment for our project. Thanks to its ability to process large format reels (1500mm wide; 1500Kg), associated with installed technologies and the tension control system, CR1500 becomes a cost-effective investment, resulting in Masterroll becoming even more competitive on the market. The after sales was also a very important factor when making our decision as Lemorau is a local company, therefore we can rely on a fast and effective service.”

Mr. Tomaž Čakš


“We choose Lemorau as we believe that these machines offer a great value for money and allow us to quickly increase our production capacity. Thanks to the new equipment we are already 50 percent faster and more productive.”

Mr. David Pérez


“What we were looking for with the purchase of this Lemorau machine was to increase productivity label finishing while maintaining our high-quality standards. In order to achieve this, and also the key decision for the purchase, was the involvement of the supplier and its flexibility to achieve our goal for high productivity and quality. Lemorau has accomplished our goal and now we are enjoying the advantages. When we met Lemorau, it was like a reflection of ourselves: a family run business, bold and flexible, which, for us, was a decisive factor when making the decision. The Lemorau’s flexibility allowed us to jointly design the machine with some complicated functionalities such as the Delam-Relam or the cold foil unit. A few months after the installation, we are fully satisfied with the purchase of the MEBR+, its performance and the quality of the finished products.”

Mr. Erjon Cani

LOGO FILM – Albania

“At Logo Film we have produced adhesive tape products since 2004 and innovation is the engine of our development. This makes us a market leader and provider of a variety of products with high capacities and maximum quality to contemporary standards. This is the second machine that we brought from Lemorau and we are very satisfied with the machines. The yield and quality of the production of these machines is very high. Our plan in the future is to buy a labeling machine from Lemorau, as we are very satisfied with the quality and cooperation of its staff.”

Mr. Amit Patel


” The Machine is running great!! We are very pleased with the machine. We will purchase additional machine in near future.”

Mr. Rubén Silvestre Martinez


” The Lemorau DIGI EBR+ is a fast, sturdy, versatile and reliable machine. It makes our work much easier and adapts to our needs, in addition to reducing the production time.”

Mr. Claudio Vitale


” The choice for a Lemorau inspection machine has been made after some testing at Erre Gi Elle’s showroom (exclusive distributor for Lemorau in Italy), and the machine shown to be suitable for our needs and with good value for money. We have known Erre Gi Elle for many years and they always recommended the right equipment for our needs.”

Mr. Ronald Schaap


” We are very satisfied with our new core cutter. It offers an easy and logical operation; the different core diameters can be changed easily and quickly, and it produces a clean cutting line of the cores.”

Mr. Thibaud Frys


“We were looking for a finishing machine for our digital printing. After long market research, we chose Lemorau, which was able to meet our expectations perfectly and precisely adapt the machine to our needs. The presence of Sudelek, the exclusive distributor for Lemorau in France, was equally decisive. Its technical skills and local availability have reassured us about the quality of the machine and support. The duo of Lemorau and Sudelek appeared as the best choice for quality, price, and peace of mind.”

Mr. Liyan Liong-A-San

PROPRINT – Suriname

“From the first contact, through the installation, and to the first run, Lemorau had assisted us in the best way possible. The Lemorau MEBR+ does what it promises and runs as smoothly as expected. It is built with a great focus on quality and simple handling. This equipment will help us to fulfill the needs of our customers. With the Lemorau MEBR+, we will be able to offer more solid partnership to small and medium production companies with competitive products and solutions.”

Mr. Christophe Maria


“Espace Dupont is now equipped with an entirely new production line of adhesive labels with the semi-rotary Lemorau EBRM+ 330 finishing machine, a manual core cutter CT 1500, and ER400/900 roll lifter. Thanks to Lemorau for its support in the development of our company.”

Mr. Donato Crisci


“We´ve been working with Erre Gi Elle for 30 years and it seemed natural to us to follow their advice regarding the ICR3 inspection machine. We are surprised by the easiness of use of this machine, we are very happy with it. We will again consider purchasing Lemorau products in the future.”

Ms. Sandra Bomais


“We have to thank Lemorau and Sudelek for their advice, their professionalism, and support with our new production line.”

Mr. Chris Roux

INTELLISTOR – South Africa

“As a company developing the label brand Ruxo Labels in Southern Africa, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and provide our customers a competitive edge in order to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of Lemorau technology, we can take blank label conversion to the next level. By including the appropriate modules in the future, we will even be able to provide RFID labels.”

Mr. Andres Kull


“This machine has proven itself as simple to use, reliable in process, and easy to maintain.”